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Frequent Asked Questions

1. Why Us?

We are not just about offering custom bobblehead as a product, we also want to make sure the products you are buying are of fine quality just like fine pieces of arts and the associated services are unforgetabbly superb. In addition, our price is competitive because we are the ultimate manufacturer.  By the end of 2016, our shop has served almost 100k customers worldwide 

2. What is a proofing process and why it is recommended ? 

A proofing process provides the customer with the opportunity to involve in the custom bobblehead creation process. We will send proofing photos for both initial sculpting and finished bobblehead for customers' to review and comment during the creation process. Customer can provide comments and request revisions through our proofing system. Since this is a customized item to make it like somebody, proofing process plays a key role to ensure the customer gets what they expect.  Without the proofing process, the customer will not be able to see the product before it is delivered and will have to accept it as is since it is a customized item.

3. Why does it usually take 4+ weeks to complete the order?

Fine Custom Made is committed to delivering the best custom made figurines. A finished product will go through a number of time-consuming hand-made processes by our experienced artists. We never cut corners or rush just to increase our productivity. Since every proudct we make is unique&made-to-order to our customer(unless they order replicas), we won't stock the same inventory for everybody and every new order is built from scratch. Please refer to our video to view how the bobblehead is created    

4. Can my order be expedited if I want it faster than 4+ weeks ?

Yes, we offer different expedited services with lead time from within a week to < 4 weeks at different cost. For expedited orders, we will provide extra follow up to ensure they get processed in a timely fashion based on the level of expedition. We guarantee the completion of the products within the promised timeframe, barring delays caused by customers' revision requests & delayed responses to the proof.  If the delay is caused due to our issue, the expedition fee will be fully refunded to the customer. 

5. Can I change the bobblehead body's pose and outfit, what about the colors ?

All the body pose and outfit is created from a pre-made molding, therefore, we are unable to change the body pose and the outfit. Your custom bobblehead will have the same body and outfit as seen in the product picture but with a customized head. However, customer does have the option to change the colors of the outfits, skins and shoes etc. Which is completely doable. 

6. Can I add logos or texts onto the bobblehead body ?

Yes, you can definitely do that by selecting the paid option of uploading logos during the ordering process

7. Can you create a custom bobblehead from scratch ? What is a head to toe customization ? 

Yes, other than the popular custom bobblehead models we offer, we also provide the option of creating something completely from scratch for customers who want to have a completely unique custom bobblehead for their love ones and themselves. We call this type of custom bobblehead a head-to-toe customization. You can go to here to order a head-to-toe customization

8. Why the shipping cost is higher than normal ?

Every custom bobblehead is handcrafted, which means it will be prohibitively expensive if it is made in U.S.  As a matter of fact, our research shows that it costs about $150 alone to just have someone create a head sculpting, not to mention the other processes needed to make a complete product.  Therefore we have to find the best artists overseas. Therefore, every custom bobblehead is shipped directly from Asia when it is completed by Express Delivery such as DHL, UPS and alike. This explains why the shipping is higher. However, the higher shipping cost is well more than compensated by the creation cost difference between having it done in U.S Vs. overseas.