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About Us

At the turn of the 21st century, we saw the demand for highly personalized gift options for those who wanted a one-of-a-kind surprise. The result was the formation of Wecrafter, a company dedicated to providing more personalized items to create an unforgettable experience.

Who We Are

Based in Massachusetts, we are an eCommerce company that is focused on creating personalized consumer products for the individual and organizations. We specialize in providing the best gifts, decorations, and souvenirs that are perfect for all types of special occasions. For well over a decade, we have been supplying resellers with our products and now we are selling directly to customers through our eCommerce site.

What We Provide

Currently, our main product line focuses on highly popular bobbleheads which have become highly prized items for businesses and organizations as promotional gifts. We create custom bobbleheads that are based on photos provided by our customers. This includes their occupations such as police or firefighters and occasions such as weddings, graduations, Christmas, and the like.

We also offer the following items;

-        Custom Canvas Prints

-        Custom Jewelry: Personalized via engraving

-        Custom Paintings: Hand painted oil paintings based on customer provided photos

-        Pet Items: Collars and beds that are custom-made for every pet.

Our services are expanding to cover new customizable product categories as we take on new responsibilities. Over the years, we have expanded our product line in response to what our customers have told us about the types of products they would like to see produced. Listening to our customers has helped us get where we are today.

Our Promise to You

Over the years we have dedicate our business to creating the type of fun, personalized items that bring a smile and fond memories for those receiving them as gifts. Our understanding of the customization process for personalized products means that we focus primarily on customer satisfaction.

That’s why we offer great flexibility in terms of our customizable items to our customers so that you can create the personalized gift for that special someone. At Wecrafter, we start by listening to you so that all of the details can be put into our customizable gifts. That attention to detail revolves around our online platform that makes it simple for you to supply us with the info needed to create an item that will be cherished for a long time to come. Not Amazon or Etsy can touch our services which come from us directly to you which keeps the price down and the quality very high.

At Wecrafter, we promise to provide you with the customizable product you want at a low, affordable price. Let us show you what we can do when it comes to fun, affordable items that are perfect for your business or for that special someone in your life.